Talk to me. I’ve spent years helping people push beyond self-limiting thoughts and emotions to find happiness & success. Life rewards action. You can do this!

Tim Phares

BA, Certified NLPP (Neural Linguistic Programming Practitioner), ADHD LC (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Licensed Coach), GSS LC (Goal Setting for Success Licensed Coach), Psych E, HSP, Entrepreneurial ADHD

Why should you consider my help?

I made all the mistakes I can help you avoid. I don’t ever want anyone to have to go through what I did. You can’t do this alone. I know, I tried harder than anyone. After years of personal, educational, and professional experience, I was stuck. Tied up in knots. Trapped. Spinning in circles of thick daily grind. Running like a dog on a treadmill. Exhausted, and about to give up. Deep inside, I knew I wasn’t my authentic self. I knew I was capable of doing more, but I wasn’t doing it. It tore at me every day. And, it wouldn’t go away. All I ever wanted was to be just like everybody else. Work the same job, day after day, slowly building responsibility, reliability, and credibility. But, I couldn’t do it. I wasn’t lazy, dumb, or self-involved. I was bored out of my mind. Something was missing. Most people would have just given up. Put up with it. But, I’m not like most people. And, if you’re still reading this, I’m betting you’re are not like most people either. I know what you’re longing for and how to help you get there. And, it won’t take years.

Why should you trust my guidance?

I’ve been through it. I know how you feel. The frustration, anger, guilt, hurt keeps coming back. You want to live a fun, happy life. Until I wrote it all out on paper, it was hard for me to believe I had accomplished anything. It still is. I thought everybody did lots of stuff that everyone was like me. Nothing special. Just plugging along. Wow, was I wrong. No one tells you what you’ve done. Instead, they concentrate on what you don’t.
I had no idea how much I did and do, daily. And, I’m betting you don’t either. So, at the risk of sounding egotistical and vain, I’m going to give you some of the highlights of what I have done. Don’t worry. Yours will look just as impressive once we write it out.

I’ve got a 3 volume resume. I’ve worked for giant trans-global corporations with as much as $21 million in revenue under my direction. I’ve been entrusted with global wide area network mainframe systems worth trillions. I played the corporate game right through the solid gold doors of the top floor General Motors Executive Boardroom suite. I’ve been an artist, professional model builder, teacher, CEO boardroom level presenter, computer coder, electronics technician, bus driver, host, cook, dishwasher, assistant manager, customer service manager, blues musician, county Sheriff, and semi-truck driver with over a million safe road miles. I’ve driven everything on wheels. Met with some incredibly famous people. Talked my way into places I had no credible right to be. And I’m still that guy who runs back into a burning building because I want to help. People have literally trusted me with their life. All these experiences give me a uniquely diverse perspective that allows me to quickly reduce complex human situations into actionable steps for people from any background. Or, in simple terms, I can help. And it won’t take months or years of therapy. Any issue, any time. I’m just that good. And, so are you. You just don’t know it, yet.

  • Defeat Procrastination
  • End Conflict
  • Let Go of Stuff
  • No Judgement
  • No Preconceptions
  • No Right or Wrong 
  • Find Balance & Harmony 
  • Smile & Laugh Again 
  • Glow with Success 
  • Be a Natural Draw
  • Recognize Your Past 
  • And, Forgive All of It 
  • Heal Your Self 
  • Release Stress/Tension 
  • Sleep Like a Child 
  • Find True Purpose 
  • Have All Your Needs Met 
  • Get the Ultimate Reward
    – Extreme Satisfaction –